MLops for beginners

Day11: Geotagging Visualization using Python

What is geotagging? How to plot geolocation on maps? Some use cases and my fun project.

This article is about how i ended up creating a web application that geo-tags any image on the map using python.

What is geotaging?

According to wikipedia,

How to plot location on map using python?

There are many ways for this, I used a python library called folium. You can start with its documentation to know how it works. There is a good article on getting started.

  1. save the image in a location
  2. fetch metadata from the images and generate the location coordinates with it.
  3. plot the location images on the map.
  • location.csv is the database file where i stored the names of uploaded files and location fetched from those.
  • is the main python file used to start my flask appliaction.
  • static is the folder used to store the the uploaded files.
  • templates is the folder used to save the html template files for the web application.
Web app
  • The image will be saved and updatedb() function will be called.
  • Since the /loc is used in iframe on the main page, so loc() function will also get invoked.
  • And then create_map() function will also be called. And then loc.html will be rendered.
updatedb() function
  • open the location.csv file
  • and then for every image it will extract the name and location.
  • If there is no location in the image file then the default data is set to None.
  • and write all the extracted data to the file.(comma seperated)
create_map() function
  • reads all the data from the location.csv file (except the last line because it will always be empty).
  • create marker for every valid entry in the file and add that to the map.
  • save the map with name loc.html.
extract() function to extract location from the metadata.
This code gives me all metadata from the file.
this is to extract the location in a readable manner.
Select and share
  • we can build an app that so that we can share the live update of any location on the map.
  • This can also be used in this current COVID-19 pandemic situation to know if there are violation of social distancing in a particular neighborhood. People can click the images of those and upload it and some action can be then taken by local authority for that if needed.
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